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Wildlife Rocks 2014
Monday 5th May 2014 at 11.30am

Tickets £11.00 from Guildford Cathedral Box Office 01483 547881 or Guildford Cathedral Online Box Office


The Hedge Awards

kobe hedgehog





I am a fit and well hedgehog called "The Hedge" but my life wasn't always good. I live in a fantastic organic vegetable garden. Looked after by a guy who really Rocks. He is very kind to our planet .  He doesn't use  any chemical in his garden.  In return I eat a lot of the creepy crawlies that would normally feed on the vegetables and plants.  It is paradise for me.

It wasn't always that way for me .

Many years ago I was born in a really tidy garden under a holly bush. I lived there with my brothers and sisters.  We lived very happily and played together every day.
Our garden was tidy and all the plants were perfect.

There were plenty of bugs and insects for us to eat. It was so easy. Whatever time you got up there was food. It was even laying on the floor dead and  just waiting for us to eat it. We didn't even need to look for it.  We ate well at  first but  after a while our friends started becoming ill and disappearing .  Many of them were dying . My brothers and sisters became very ill . One by one my mum, Dad , brothers and sisters all died and I was left alone . It was very sad. I started to feel very ill.

We had a wise fox who used to come through our garden on his nightly rounds. He would never eat in our garden. He told me to be careful but I didn't listen.

I felt ill and left the garden and went to look for help but I got lost.  It was raining  so I got cold and wet. It felt like I had flu and I was worried I would die. I started shivering and then I fell asleep.

I  vaguely remember a kind man picking me up and taking me to a strange place.

I was put  into a cage . It was warm and I had plenty of food and a kind lady gave me some medicine.
There were lots of other animals in the cages around me and we soon all became friends.

My favourite friends were Sebastian, Alisha and Archie the fox cubs and Billie the badger cub. They lost their Mum's and Dad's when they were tiny just like me and were being looked after too. The place was called Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.

One day I was taken in a box to a big house. A kind man who Rocked said I could live in his garden.  It is a great place. He also said Sebastian, Archie and Alisha and Billie the cubs could come too. We have a fantastic time and loads of fun adventures. The the wise old fox from my old garden lives here too. His name is Freddie. He told me that the pesticides that kill the bugs made me very ill and that when it rains the poisons runs into our water table and rivers.  Freddie too came form Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and he seems to know everything and takes care of us all.

I have lots of friends and they would like to live in your garden They  love to eat  the caterpillar and bugs that eat your plants and vegetables.
They will help you with the bugs if you don’t use poisons  in your garden and we all live health happy lives with your help

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