Shambhu's is delighted to be catering again at Wildlife Rocks this year. As usual, we'll be serving a delicious selection of hot food, snacks and treats, all suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Details of our menu for the day will be published soon...

Shambhu's, a London-based Vegan Society registered food business, specialises in providing good quality vegan catering, inspired from culinary styles around the world. Shambhu's caters for all manner of events, ranging from home-get-togethers and business meetings, to festivals, conferences and wedding receptions.

Shambhu's also produces a range of vegan & gluten-free cheesecakes sold in individual-portion pots at independent whole food shops around the UK and through online retailers. To treat yourself or a loved one to a pot of deliciousness, visit

Shambhu's chef & founder, Nishma Shah, also regularly gives vegan cookery demonstrations at various events, in the UK and abroad.

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