Wolfman Shaun Ellis

The wolf man

Shaun Ellis has joined a pack of wolves, living and behaving like them. Abandoned at birth, three wolf pups are raised by Shaun who then teaches them the ways of the wild. As they grow up, he feeds, sleeps and breaths the same air as his wolves and in return they give him a place in the pack. Seeing the world as a wolf, Shaun takes a step further and comes up with a plan to help wild wolves threatened in Poland.


Over 20 years of studying wolf behaviour from within the pack Shaun Ellis hasn’t just watched wolves from a distance! Star of “The Wolfman” and “Mr & Mrs Wolf”, Shaun has an exceptional bond with dogs and wolves, and his passion to understand these remarkable animals has compelled him not only to fully integrate with captive wolf packs but also to be accepted by and live amongst a totally wild wolf pack. During this time Shaun has accumulated an in-depth knowledge .He and his team at The Wolf Centre not only offer a variety of magical experiences but also a range of specially designed dog courses focusing on Shaun's perspective with regard to dog psychology, dog training and dog behaviour. Shaun believes that to really understand how your dog thinks, you need to apply some general principles of wolf psychology and behaviour and look at what we term “the wild side of your dog".


Even today, Shaun maintains a fundamental role within his captive wolf packs. By studying their behaviour from within Shaun lives between two worlds - the human world and that of the wolf.His passion and courage enables each and every one of us to achieve a greater understanding of the balance and beauty of nature and opens our mind to consider the conservation of species worldwide.

The somewhat unusual lifestyle of Shaun Ellis has led to significant UK and global media interest over the years. In the past year he has travelled to Italy, USA and Belgium and been filmed by Brazilian, Australian, French and Romanian TV crews, appeared in The Guardian newspaper and more.


However Shaun's primary focus, together with his wife, conservation biologist Dr Isla Fishburn, is to always remains totally committed to promoting information and awareness of the plight of the wolf, and to improving mankind’s knowledge of wolf and dog behaviour, ecology and biodiversity through continued research & education.

The teachings of the Nez Perce tribe with whom Shaun lived for seven years, together with the teachings of the wild and captive wolf packs have given Shaun "a voice" - a deeper understanding of the world at large. He continues to work tirelessly in order to protect and conserve wolves and their natural habitats and you can support him.