The Telepathics

A demonstration of telepathic ability that will give you a performance unlike any other in the UK.

A team of two of the UK's top magicians - Mike Stoner and Chris Hare - both members of the world's foremost magical society.


There are only a few acts like this in the world

It takes years of practice and dedication to achieve this incredible telepathic connection

Your guests will never have seen anything like it before

The Telepathics have appeared on BBC1, ITV and SKY


They have performed for many major companies and celebrities, including royalty

What they can do will astound you

Objects, dates, names and much more - all revealed by telepathic ability

Think of someone special to you - they know their star sign and birthday!

Think of any random word - they know what it is!

Take out a banknote - they can tell you the serial number!

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