Elvis Shmelvis

Elvis Shmelvis is probably THE most recognised Elvis Impersonator in the UK today. When ever you see an Elvis Impersonator on TV, it is usually Shmelvis as he is a favourite of many TV channels, and not for no good reason! Check out our gallery of snaps to see just how popular he is. Shmelvis has played the part of Elvis in Holby City several times, has been featured on ‘Come Dine With Me’ and is a regular on ‘The ONE Show’Shmelvis has also featured on ‘Blue Peter’‘Weakest Link’…The list is endless!! As an Outstanding Elvis Impersonator, you would be hard pressed to find an act more qualified or professional than Shmelvis, as a Multi Award Winning Tribute Act appearing at venues such as Trafalgar Square, Milton Keynes Bowl and at exclusive venues all over London and the South East. Elvis Shmelvis is not only THE best choice for you, he is the ONLY choice if you are looking for an outstanding act that encompasses actual entertainment and real music, Shmelvis plays guitars that are exact replicas of the ones played by the Big Man Himself… From his base in St.Albans, he travels extensively around the UK gathering fans and tributes everywhere he goes. If you are in any doubt, don’t just take our word for it-take a look at our testimonial page for the best possible feedback that you can get-feedback from our much loved fans that have seen, followed and reviewed Shmelvis - ’THE ONE AND ONLY ELVIS IMPERSONATOR’ !With authentic costumes made by the same people that made The Kings, the best equipment and a Singing Voice that has been mistaken for miming (seriously!!) This is not just an Elvis impersonator - this is an EXPERIENCE that you will Never Forget - Don’t Hesitate to contact us for your ‘Individually Tailored Show’  For THE One and Only Elvis impersonator and the Best in the Business, get in touch today !

Also, if you are looking for an ‘Elvis Impersonator in London’ - look no further than Elvis Shmelvis!

Elvis Shmelvis: British Elvis impersonator Martyn Dias brings his Jewishness to the job. A British man is in huge demand as the UK's only professional Jewish Elvis impersonator. Marketing himself as 'Elvis Shmelvis', Martyn Dias has spent much of his adult life paying tribute to 'the King'. JN1's Edward Baran went to meet him.