New Quay Times

Sarah Ryan - vocals, guitar.  Vince Ryan - guitar. Stuart Bell - bass, vocals. Alex Hudd - drums, vocals.

Low-slung Americana..........with an edge. Described as: "raw edged Pretenders cum Blondie cum Lone Justice rock chick fronted loose limbed indie rock'n'roll. She flits between deep rocking croon and fiery falsetto, the band play Americana hinged low slung rock’n’roll". Hailing from Wootton Basset NEWQUAY TIMES are a four piece band and we are proud to have them play at The Royal Oak this Sunday. As well as playing original and cover songs their influences range from Tom Petty, Throwing Muses to The Cranberries and the Noisettes. Headed up by rock goddess Sarah Ryan on vocals who's voice finds a path between a sonorous rocking croon and a fiery falsetto the band play Americana-tinged low slung rock n roll. Think raw edged Pretenders cum Blondie cum Lone Justice.