Working with the natural balance

Much of our wildlife is in decline from an imbalance often caused by man, either directly or indirectly within the local community causing localised extinctions of previous natural species. We hope you will take the time to try and understand this delicate balance and the benefit to a community of a thriving wildlife population.

Our hedgehog population has declined from 30 million to 1 million in forty years, with a possible complete loss from the UK by 2025. If we just make small changes in our lives and attitudes, we may just ensure that our wonderful wildlife is here for generations to come. ‘Wildlife Rocks’ consists of an action-packed festival of education and fun for the entire community. We will be engaging people by creating a fun environment to learn about the awesome creatures we share our space with. We can give them experiences that will encourage them to explore the creatures we depend on and how the natural balance is affected by us.

As future custodians of our planet, giving children this interest will help them to develop their own ideas and solutions to problems they will face as adults. We will interact with all levels of education and all abilities from nursery through to university. ‘Wildlife Rocks‘ will be the first event of its kind in the UK or anywhere in the world. The event will appeal to children of all ages and abilities and a wide range of adults who already support wildlife. The demographic is unique. Working with children and wildlife rocks!

This is a unique event with two very important outcomes - education and the awareness of wildlife issues.